Featured: The Rockland Road Runners hosted the 2012 annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5 mile run.
If you're a runner, we caught just about everyone on camera, so find your face and share your camera time with friends and family!

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Vanessa while shooting reality TV episode.

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Product by HP. Images by Select Studios NY.



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Actual email from Gillian Tanz at Laurel House, referred to us by another one of our clients to donate our services to a nonprofit organization which helps those in need:

Dear Richard,

I want to thank you for your referral of Darren Levine for our Wellness Festival. He was a real trooper shooting outdoors for almost 4 hours in mostly inclement conditions. We really appreciated the high degree of professionalism that he brought to the event. Darren was always in the right place at the right time, catching all the important moments without being intrusive. The photos came out beautiful and we  are very grateful to him for volunteering his time and expertise to help Laurel House.

Best wishes,


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